Always, live well and often

My name is Crawford, and I want to welcome you to The Best Ceats.

The Best Ceats started with an idea for a hashtag. Playing off the idea of a seat at a restaurant or bar, then taking the first letter of my name (C) and the word, eats = "ceats." 

From there I didn't want to just keep the best "ceats" for myself, locked away in the depths of my Instagram. Nor did I just want it to be just another blog filled with pictures of food. I just want to showcase all the great aspects that go into the experience of a truly wonderful restaurant or meal, and enjoying what’s around you. Drinks, food, atmosphere, and more all are part of what puts the "best" into "The Best Ceats" and I want to find a way to share it with others. Great people put their heart into their food and drinks, and those people, restaurants, bars, and experiences should be shared.

I am not a professional critic – just a writer who has a serious infatuation with things that make me happy. These are polite suggestions on what will make you smile, and also taste delicious, as written and experienced by one amateur enthusiast who simply has a passion for great food, drinks, atmospheres, and the people who help create them.

Life is a big, choose-your-own-adventure book, and The Best Ceats is the one I'm choosing to write, and will continue to write, everyday I can.

Enjoy, and, as always, live well and often.

- Crawford

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