OmG Omakase by Gino

Uni Pasta

Uni Pasta


We have a lot to talk about, so let me get these facts out of the way; the name is great, the logo is awesome, the price is perfect, and the second seating is the one to reserve, but more on that later.

Now that we covered the basics, let’s get right to it: Chef Gino Choi is a hero of a chef. Generally speaking, you can’t throw a stone past your local Starbucks without hitting a sushi place. OmG is so much more than this and the world is better for it. The omakase, reservation only, ten-seat restaurant is pure theater. An unapologetic love letter to Japanese flavor, skill, technique, and tradition. A flair of personal interpretation and creation by Gino seasons the entire experience. Like his Uni Pasta, which instantly left such a wonderful flavor in my mouth it actually made me angry, as I knew it was a flavor I’d never be able to replicate at home. The fish, which are flown in from around the world, carry with them the flavors of the oceans in such depth, that Sir David Attenborough himself could not even do them justice in his description. The entire space was rebuilt by Gino, taking his personal touch beyond the menu, and into the very fabric of what makes OmG so unique.

It is an instant classic of a restaurant, and a meal I will always treasure, and so should you.



Why the second seating? You will have questions for Chef as you should. Inquiries into the fish, the skill, how he handles the entire dinner service by himself and more. The issue is you won’t remember to ask any of them while you sit mesmerized by his knife work, plating, and execution. The meal truly is a performance. Take the later seating so you can hang out for a few, get to know him, and develop a deeper appreciation for a true and wonderful professional.


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