Wild Goose Tavern

Burger, tots and pickled eggs.

Burger, tots and pickled eggs.


There are few things as wonderful in this world as a good bar. When you have a great bar, you should contact your local representative to have it etched in history as a local monument. Wild Goose falls into the category of the latter. Usually, the only downside to these remaining bastions of cold beer and no judgment is the lack of adequate eats. Wild Goose fixes that and then some, but the way it does it is astonishing. The kitchen is maybe 8' by 5'. Seriously. That's it. A Manhattan real estate agent would consider it small. Yet, Chef Daniel Cherri has been cranking out outlandishly good bar classics for several years. I would steal a car just to drive there for the burger and tater tots. You shouldn't do that, but you should go with the same intention and appetite level. Paired with one of the best whiskey collections around, it really is a great place to be.


I cannot stress this enough; The food here is awesome. It's delicious, affordable, endearing, and cooked from the heart. I already told you its a great bar, and trust me, it is, but when your kitchen is the size of the box a fridge comes in, let's give credit where its due. Look, I'm instantly smitten with any menu that features anything pickled, but to have pickled eggs on a menu in Orange County is brave as hell. Kudos.