Parallel Pizzeria

Clam Pizza (A New Haven Classic)

Clam Pizza (A New Haven Classic)


There are certain foods in the annals of culinary history that are so beloved, that they are deities to food lovers everywhere. Adored all over the world, there are many iterations of this food of champions, all deeply respected and with droves of loyal fans ready to debate their various merits. It is one thing to support your favorite version of pizza, but it is another thing entirely to bring that style of pizza to the opposite end of the country, cook it to perfection, and still honor its heritage, history, and impact on the food world. Chef Ryan Adams is no stranger to bringing big flavors to Orange County, as he has been doing it for years, and, in my personal opinion, is one of the best and most genuine at doing so. Bringing authentic, New Haven-style pizza to Dana Point is an intense undertaking, but it is one that Adams and his team have executed perfectly. No other pizza in Orange County has, not just taste, but respect, packed into every bite. Just remember to order an extra one to-go, because you'll get hungry later, and it is a scientific fact that cold pizza, is still pizza. In this case, it is also my favorite pizza around.


This pizzeria is the definition of a passion project. The truest example of "East meets West," Chef Adams' pizzeria brings his renowned level of care to every aspect of Parallel. From the dough in the walk-in to the toppings, and other menu items like the wings and sandwiches, every element of Parallel is equal parts, respect, taste, and ambition. You aren't just eating pizza, but the ultimate local expression of one of the most iconic culinary creations in the country. It may well be the best modern example of what a west coast pizzeria should be. Grab a clam pie and whatever else your heart desires. Only bring friends you deeply trust though, because no one likes that person who eats the last slice without asking.

It truly is a place to love, so order away, and enjoy.