Dublin 4

Fish & Chips. Photo courtesy of Dublin4.

Fish & Chips. Photo courtesy of Dublin4.


There are few things in this world I know, with no hesitation, to be true.

I know that all restaurant patios should allow dogs (because they rock), that happy hour should never be just an hour long, and, that if Dublin 4 doesn’t make your heart sing, there is something seriously wrong with you. This neighborhood gem really is that precious. Located in a small, unassuming business plaza right off the highway, it shares building space with its sister restaurant, Wineworks. The menu is authentic, Irish gastropub fare, in the best, and most non-ironic way possible. Proper Fish & Chips, Mushy Peas, and more. Delicious, sincere, and wonderfully unapologetic, the flavors of Ireland are present with every bite. The drinks are top notch, especially the wine, or a properly poured Guinness (a truly rare thing to find), so settle in with an order of Curry Chips, and relax in one of the most underrated spots around.


The owners of Dublin 4 (as well as Wineworks) are some of the most knowledgeable, and genuine, wine enthusiasts I’ve ever met. The wines at both locations really are smashing. So, if possible, put down the Guinness, and order a bottle or three. No matter what you choose, you are in good hands, as the daughter handles wine and the son the beer and spirits, so trust me, this family has your back.

Also, reservations are HIGHLY encouraged. It fills up quick. And just valet. You’re welcome.