Premiere Craft Cocktails

Premiere Craft Cocktails


Vacation is something special. It is a wonderful, welcoming, exhilarating destination for the type of person who is inclined to imbibe delicious things daily. Nestled in the heart of DTSA, Vacation is just as its name implies. The bar is a harmonious and complete departure from anything you think you know. Encapsulating everything that is beautiful about the industry and showcasing some of the most creative cocktails around. It is the type of place you need to go, order a bunch of their house cocktails and exhale, because, and yes this is going to sound cheesy, but let's be serious, you knew this was coming, you are now on vacation, at Vacation. #notatikibar


Yes, Vacation is a bar, but it also has some absolutely ridiculous food being prepared by really great people. You should feel shame if you don't munch on something, because Vacation is the sum of its parts, and those parts are all people who care deeply. Support each of them by chasing those drinks with some really, really good and ever-changing bar bites.