Broadway by Amar Santana

Quail stuffed with Sweetbreads and Foie Gras

Quail stuffed with Sweetbreads and Foie Gras


Top Chef led and unapologetically in your face with flavor and style, Chef Amar Santa’s flagship restaurant is a decedent monster. You won't even realize how great it truly is until you are two courses and three cocktails deep. I'm not being sarcastic with that by the way, I don't know a single night I've been to Broadway that ended in anything other than an uproariously fun and wonderful night. The bar program, by the way, is arguably one of the best in Southern California, and continually pushes the liquid limit with seasonal menus so creative they would make Willy Wonka blush. Don't plan on driving yourself home from this one. That wine list, by the way, is meticulously curated and cared for, rounding out a truly top-notch experience to complement the kitchen. In short, this was the first restaurant that let me do a bone luge (Google it) at their bar, in the middle of a Friday night dinner service, so, yea, it's a great place to be.


I can't stress this enough when I say to please go with the seasonal cocktails, as they are so outlandishly good. Michael Rooney is one of the very best at creating and curating the imbibing experience. The drinks overall act as co-stars to the kitchen, as the dishes here are packed with so much flavor and style it is borderline sensory overload. The Chef’s table is a great experience, and parties of 4 or more should absolutely get a table, but for my money? Sit at the bar and laugh, listen, and learn. The staff here is as wonderful as the meal.