Jammy Eggs with garlic herb marinade, snipped herbs, terrace hill olive oil, cracked pepper.

Jammy Eggs with garlic herb marinade, snipped herbs, terrace hill olive oil, cracked pepper.


It is very common for today’s restaurants to celebrate their local ingredients. Listing farms, creameries, and so forth are all common place now on menus. What does local truly mean though? Where are the rules listed for what is local and what isn’t? At Harley, Chef Greg Daniels and his team aren’t waiting for someone to tell them what local should be, as they are telling their diners what it is. Greens picked that day from farms a short drive from the restaurant, seafood caught from the waters just a block away, and more. There is a celebration of not just what is local, but how it’s presented, in a gloriously unapologetic way: just take their seafood tower. Truly one of life’s guilty pleasures, but at Harley, the frigid tower is swapped for one comprised of meticulously delicious cooked shellfish. Sacrilegious says you, but I think it is beautifully brave and encapsulates what Harley is. Why take an ingredient as good as this, and present it how other people say you should, when there is a better way to do it? There is a tangible passion that goes into every carefully curated bite, and all they ask in return is trust. Harley knows what it is, and what it’s doing, and what a local ingredient not just is, but can be.

Spoiler alert, it’s delicious.


The kitchen takes center stage here, but do not sleep on the cocktails and bar program. Wine is always a good call, but the drinks, especially the Palabra (which no doubt will be one of their most Instagram worthy items) are the way to go. Happy hour here doesn’t just come once a day, but twice, with a late night option available also, which in my opinion, instantly locks it in as the best happy hour around. Lastly, save room for when you get your tab. Just trust me.