Ocean at Main

A View To The Dining Room

A View To The Dining Room


Finally, a space all his own.

Ocean at Main is the personification of who Craig Strong is as a chef. Top-notch ingredients, treated with an endearing love, then plated and presented in such a way that instantly showcases years of experience and a keen eye. For years, Chef Strong has been the premier Orange County example of what a true, five-star chef is. With Ocean at Main though, the atmosphere is as relaxed as the breeze skipping up the street from the Pacific Ocean. It is almost like a weight of expectation has been lifted from his shoulders, and you can taste this happiness in the food. The menu is littered with dishes you may not expect from Strong’s resume, but welcome with open arms, like his simple yet outlandishly delicious pizzas, stunning Instagram-worthy salads and appetizers, and more. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with what Chef was doing before, but you get the sense that with Ocean at Main, he is not just serving guests, but rather his neighbors.

It’s a beautiful restaurant with thoughtful food, beautiful wines, and a heartfelt bar. It is a space that will continue to drive the Laguna Beach dining scene for years to come.


I am really torn here with what to imbibe. I am a spirits fan through and through, but the wines at Ocean at Main are really something wonderful. The list has been built with care by Sommelier Kristin Morgan, and she brings an endearing passion to each bottle and glass. As much as I love a good cocktail, and the ones here are really great, there is a whimsy and genuine love that comes with each sip of the wine list. Brunch lasts until 3, but mimosas are limited to 90 minutes, so, depending on your party size, maybe go for big air and opt in for their bottle service package. They don’t call it Sunday Funday for nothing.