Recapping Rosé Day OC


I’m not sure Ive ever responded to an email as quickly as I did sending in my RSVP for the first ever Rosé Day OC. Hosted at the idyllic grounds of the Monarch Beach Resort the event was equal parts Gatsby levels of chic, swanky tunes, rosé aplenty, and the celebration of the new Effen Rosé from Effen Vodka. The event as a whole was presented by Effen, but local logistics and promotion came from OC Foodies which means the crowd was a sea of people who enjoy things that taste good, and celebrating them with their ilk.

This ultimately led to quite the dapper day, with the theme of rosé perfectly punctuating the warm afternoon. Wine flowed, champagne was consumed, Effen Rosé debuted to raucous celebration, and a sporadic dance-off ended things perfectly. From Real Housewives to media players and thirsty enthusiasts, everyone spent their day in solidarity, celebrating each sip in a sea of pink and beauty on the grounds of Monarch Beach Resort.