Faith Restored With Fable


There are truths and facts. On paper essentially the same thing, but that is far from gospel in my view. Facts are easily found, researched, and identified — truths have to be experienced. They are intangible qualities and characteristics that complete something and give it life. Facts are interesting, and shape the context of something, in this case restaurants, but truths – those shape the character and meaning.

I can tell you that a bar is great; It uses top tier spirits, sources fantastic wines, and curated a wonderful beer list. I can say a kitchen is superb as it is led by a talented chef and plating ingredients in a way that both intrigues and satisfies. Those are all facts — but how does that place feel? What makes a restaurant or bar something special, and not just another blip on Google Maps? There is no exact answer, but there is a belief I hold dear, and though it sounds like a cliché plucked from the romantic musings of some screenplay found in a West Hollywood coffee shop, it’s an undeniable truth; family is everything.

Fable & Spirit is not run by some conglomerate of owners sporadically flipping leases into bigger and better versions of some test group concept. No, it is run by a family. A family that is indefatigable in their pursuit of running restaurants that don’t feel so much like a business, but a home. Every detail at Fable & Spirit has been curated to make you feel transported to the ideal vision of the Coyle family’s idyllic venue – acting as a penultimate expression of not just who they are, but what they believe. With family comes love, and there is love oozing from the walls here. In a world filled with the daily ribbon cutting of another “dining experience” by investors who look like they take daily selfies after CrossFit, I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air this restaurant is. There is no fluff here – just a truth, and that truth is these are fantastic people who know what the hell they are doing, and have restored my faith in what a family run restaurant can truly be.

Look, I don’t hate the business group driven places, in fact I adore several of the in the area, but there is an honesty at F&S that I have not found in many other places. I have no idea if they are hiring, I just care if they are adopting, because I want in.